Promoting Education And Development
Promoting Education   And Development

About EUT

In 2004 a group of 4 people came together and thought that it would be great if they motivated  students in our community in Rironi, Limuru area. Our motivation was to bring hope to kids  in public schools who  see other kids  being picked by buses and well dressed. The kids left behind grow up  frustrated and feeling neglected. We needed to motivate them and also show that  public schools can be as good  as any other and  thus cannot be a limit to their dreams. 
We  have evolved over the years and came  up with a  Trust, know as Elimu na Ufanisi Trust. Our source of financing is  contributions  from trustees.  The  main method of collection  of money is skip a lunch , a car ride or  any other thing and donate a 1000 shillings a month.
In 2010 we launched a scholarship fund which pays full high school fees for 4 years for the top 2 students in either of Nyoro and Rironi Primary Schools (best two to enhance competition between the students and the schools). Each year we award scholarships to the top two students. Arising from this, we now have 8 (eight) students on full scholarship.

We estimate  that each student requires 60,000 Shillings a year and therefore 8 students will cost 480,000 shillings a year. Our goal is to have a   core kitty of 4 million shillings  which if invested  in bond and other  papers will give a return of 400,000 shillings a year.
Currently we have about 42 persons who contribute a 1,000 shillings a month which gives 420,000 shillings a month. So we expect that  with the return of 400,000 shillings we shall have a return of 760,000 shillings a year which will sponsor the  students and do other developments in  the  community.


Elimu Na Ufanisi Trust awarded 2016's top two students with full four year scholarship at Nyoro Primary School on 6/1/2017. 


In 2016's highly contested KCSE, two students under the scholarship of EUT both attained A-. 

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